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Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum

Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum

  • Visit the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

    The Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum in Provincetown, Cape Cod is a brilliant piece of history located right along the southern harbor. Take a step back in time, learn more about the area's past and the stories of the pilgrims who landed here in 1620, and even sneak a bit of exercise in the process. Plan a day outside of the Harbor Hotel in Provincetown and explore the monument's historic appeal while attending fun events in the area.
    • Events
      • Partake in the Spring Celebration & Egg Hunt with your family
      • Watch the Annual Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument in November
      • Visit the Peregrine Theatre Ensemble for invigorating performances
    • Activities
      • Climb the Pilgrim Monument to 350 feet above sea level. Enjoy a stunning view of Provincetown and the glistening waters.
      • Visit the Provincetown Museum and learn the story of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Visitors can also walk through a sea captain's home parlor and sea quarters from the 19th century!
      • Walk around the Julie Tremblay Gallery located across from the town hall and browse through beautiful images of Cape Cod.
      • Spend a day at the Provincetown Library, and don't forget to see the scale model of the Rose Dorothea on the 2nd floor!
      • Buy tickets to the monument's Chamber Music for the Outer Cape for seasonal concerts showcasing the best young talent.
      • Window shop along Commercial Street, which isn't very far from the monument.
  • Before You Go

    • Can I walk from the ferry to the Provincetown Museum?
      Yes, you can! The museum is almost a 20-minute walk and is perfect if you’re looking to exercise your glutes. If you decide to stay at our hotel near Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum, you can still walk down if you’re feeling active.
    • Can you climb Pilgrim Monument?
      Anyone can climb the monument, and 10 million people have done it in the last century. Those who climb to the top of the 252-foot-tall Pilgrim Monument are rewarded with a newly-enhanced panoramic breathtaking view across the tip of Cape Cod.

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