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Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

  • Inspiring Activities at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown

    The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the growth and development of emerging visual artists and writers. Known for its acclaimed residency program, an online writing program, and an extensive series of year-round cultural events and exhibitions, the Work Center upkeeps the area's beauty and artistic heritage. A simple walk away from the Harbor Hotel in Provincetown, the activities surrounding the Work Center make for an eventful stay in Cape Cod!


    Note: Pre-register prior to visiting

    • Events
      • Participate in the Annual Art Auction, illuminating the best connections of Boston's visual arts community.
      • Summer Awards Celebration in Provincetown is an annual star-studded commemoration of individuals whose essential gifts for writing, art, and action.
      • Attend the Lyric Series, which is a celebration of the sound of words formulated by the best writers in the program.
    • Activities
      • Visit Twenty Summers, a new non-profit arts center in Provincetown founded to foster public engagement with art and artists and to honor the legacy of art in Provincetown.
      • Stroll through the Provincetown Art Association & Museum, which is the most popular museum in Cape Cod.
      • Browse through the Packard Gallery and shop for some inspiring artwork.
      • Catch up on some visual entertainment at the Water's Edge Cinema.
      • Enjoy a night on the town and unwind with a cold pint at The Crown & Anchor.
      • Wander around the buzz of the MacMillan Pier for sightseeing and enjoy hearty banter with your loved ones.
  • Before You Go

    • What kind of programs are offered at the Fine Arts Center?
      There are plenty of Summer programs offered at the Fine Arts Work Center, along with a highly acclaimed online writing program. These programs are built to inspire artists looking to excel in poetry, fiction, memoir, nonfiction, playwriting, songwriting, painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography. Visit their catalog here.
    • What kind of events and exhibits can I see?
      Visitors can expect a slew of readings, exhibitions, and artist talks, which are usually held in the Stanley Kunitz Common Room or the Hudson D. Walker Gallery, both of which are located at 24 Pearl Street in Provincetown.

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