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Commercial Street

Commercial Street

  • Exciting Attractions on Commercial Street in Provincetown

    When visiting Provincetown, it's almost impossible to complete your trip without spending a day walking through one of Cape Cod's busiest streets, Commercial Street. Filled with a plethora of exciting attractions, historical sites, and places to shop, this narrow street has something for every tourist. Staying at the Harbor Hotel in Provincetown makes your holiday even more convenient because Commercial street is right at your doorstep! You don't want to miss out on all the possible things you can do & see with your loved ones.
    • Events
      • Carnival week in August in Provincetown is one of the largest outdoor celebrations in Massachusetts, with a week of revelry, costumes, and a parade!
      • CabaretFest in May is a weekend packed with activities that are educational and fun, celebrating the art of cabaret!
      • The Pilgrim Monument's Annual Lighting in November takes place every year to commemorate the Pilgrim's first landing in the New World.
    • Activities
      • Wander over to the East End to the attractive Provincetown Art Association & Museum (PAAM). The area is filled with beautiful homes that are bound to inspire you.
      • Treat your taste buds to some snacks, and be sure to try out some innovative sweets at the Portuguese Bakery, The Nut House, or Cabot's Candy.
      • Stroll through local history at the Pilgrim Monument or at the Center Methodist Church. The Provincetown Public Library is also a beautiful place to spend a quiet afternoon.
      • MacMillan Pier is a flurry of activity with walkers, bikers, and whale-watchers coming and going. It's a wondrous place and perfect for taking pictures.
      • Shop till you drop, literally! With the number of souvenir stores, you can find trinkets for yourself and your friends back home. Monty's Emporium sells custom-made Christmas ornaments all year long!
      • Or simply take a pedicab through the stretch of Commercial Street to get a more interactive experience and even an insider's opinion on what places to visit.
  • Before You Go

    • Where can I eat on Commercial Street?
      There are plenty of places to have a bit to eat on Commercial Street. Depending on how big your appetite is, there's a multitude of small bakeries and coffee shops that you can visit for a small snack. If you're up for a hearty meal, make your way to The Lobster Pot, Local 186, or the Burger Queen for terrific food and fun conversations.
    • What shops can I find on Commercial Street?
      Commercial Street has everything from splendid windchimes made of shells from the Shell Shop, swanky footwear at Loveland, to military souvenirs from Marine Specialties. There's no end to what you can buy on this street! Be sure to visit The Shops at Aquarium Marketplace, which has food, a few cool stores, and a big back deck overlooking the stunning harbor.

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